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There is a Woman in Virginia who has changed her name to GoVeg.com.

I don't even know where to begin.

She has done this to promote vegetarianism. Because people will have to check her ID for every day activities they will see her name and she thinks this will open up a conversation about the benefits of vegetarianism.

I think it will open up a conversation about why she is a wack job.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with vegetarians. I live in Seattle, there are more vegetarians here than Okies in Oklahoma. I am not a vegetarian (and I will never be so spare me the lectures on why it is healthier, better for animals, etc. you will never convince me) but I work with them, have lived with them, are friends with them and enjoy their company. And not a single one is named GoVeg.com.

I think it is great that she is so strong and confident in her beliefs. And if this is how she wants to express herself than more power to her. But seriously, I see some problems with this name.

1. Good luck finding a job. GoVeg.com currently works for PETA. I am sure this name is a hit and PETA and if she stays there for a lifetime than she is all set. However, if she wants to go work for the American Pork Association she is SOL.

2. Don't play sports. How can your team cheer you on? Yell "Go GoVeg.com!!" ??

3. Can you imagine introducing this girl as your girlfriend? Or in a meeting for anything not related to vegetarianism? Or as your mom?

4. She is twenty-three. Aren't the next seventy years going to be LONG when you have to explain your name every time you write a check, rent an apartment, testify at your own competancy hearing?

Its none of my business what her name is. I never heard of her before today and doubt I will hear of her again. But I know a lot of people who felt very strongly about vegetarianism, and then a few laters dropped it from their lives. This can happen for a variety of reasons: health, taste, politics, an affinity for Dick's Hamburgers. Can you imagine backing down if your name is GoVeg.com? That waitress you ordered your porterhouse from is going to flip you so much shit when you sign your check.

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