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Four Breasts and British!

My husband went out last night. He was going to see a couple of bands in a very crappy part of Tacoma. I didn't feel like going so he went with our neighbor. Since we had to get up early this morning to go help my parents remodel their living room I assumed that he would just stay out late but not drink a lot. A hangover would be a bitch when you are spending the day ripping up carpet.

We were supposed to leave an hour ago. He is just now dragging his ass into the shower. He winced when he said good morning to me this morning. Maybe I should have mentioned the not getting drunk idea to him?

I stayed home and painted all night. I haven't done that in a long time. A friend of ours rents one of our bedrooms and when he moves out I am definitely turning that room into a studio. I had forgotten how much I loved to paint. Plus, I just want his ass out of my house.

I watched "What not to Wear" the British (and original) version this morning. They had a gal on who wore a size F bra. I cannot even begin to imagine a size F bra. But to top it off she was squeezing them into a B cup bra. They were pushed in there so tight that she had four alien breasts having a cocktail party on her chest. And they were all bigger than mine. What I cannot figure out is how these people look in the mirror and think that they look good. Especially when they have FOUR breasts!!!!

So I will be spending the day arguing with my mother. She and I are really good friends but my job when we do big projects is to keep her out of the way. This may involve taking her shopping, it may involve making up things for her to do, or it may involve making fun of her to the point that she is too distracted to get in the way. Considering the woman owns capri pants with giant yellow daisies on them this is usually not to hard to do.

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