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Sports Update

We are not the champions.

And I am not casting aspersions on the other team but we have played them twice before--and I recognized only two players. Seriously, NONE of their female players (except the only one that was terrible) played in either of the other games. Can you say ringer?

We played hard, we had fun and we one a big ass trophy. We are not as happy as we would be with first but second isn't bad--especially since we have never made it past the first round of the playoffs before. Maybe next year.

Traffic was fucked up last night. It took me two hours to get home. And that is only because the lovely Brenda let me hitch with her. Because my bus was already half an hour late and they didn't know when or if it was coming.

So to all of you smokers out there. I have no problem with smoking but do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw your cigarette butts out the window. Yes I know they smell, I know that they make your car look and smell like ass. But you are a smoker, you are supposed to smell like that. When you throw them out the window they start fires and then my bus never comes and I have to stand around waiting and it takes two hours to get home.

I woke up at 1:00 this morning to go pee. When I fell asleep it was exactly 1:04, I opened my eyes at exactly 4:04 (one minute before my alarm went off). Does that seem freaky to anyone but me? Is it just because its early?

Had a crazy ass dream that involved a conga line and members of congress. Also featured was a trip to the batting cages with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was giving me tips on my swing and when I just launched one he started jumping up and down and cheering. We were both really excited until a bird fell from the sky. Then Arnold called me a murderess and walked away.

I emailed my sister on the 28th and she still hasn't gotten back to me. It was an email that was going to piss her off and the only thing I have heard from her is "I need a while to format my response," I am thinking she is pissed. I am trying really hard to care.

Really pissed about the trade my Mariners made last night. Thinking about leaving the Mariner nation. I am really tired of them not even TRYING to give the appearance that they are TRYING to win a World Series here. And that remark from Howard Lincoln last season about, "we aren't trying to win a World Series, we are just trying to be competitive," is BULLSHIT. This is the second highest revenue team in baseball. They should be killing themselves to win a championship because this city has earned it. Bastards. I am already a Cubs fan but I cannot bear to focus on them full time. They have almost crushed my grandpa under bitterness, I can't let them get me too. My husband is a HUGE Yankees fan so Boston is always a tempting option (and I have to confess I have always had a secret thing for them because of the Yankees--anyone that hates the Yankees). That might be the best option for me. Because I am hating the Mariners--this may have been the last straw for me.

By the way, I don't ever want to hear about Kobe Bryant again. This is not a comment about his guilt or innocence. But you could not even find out the scores for games last night because there were hours of coverage on freaking Kobe. ESPN? You are not Court TV, this is not a sports story. STOP COVERING IT 24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking Kobe.

I need to go look for some midol. I am PMSed out the yang today and liquor is not an option until 5.

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