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Nastier Than You Ever Thought Possible

Something died in the ladies room here at work.

I was just in there and it smells like some one locked both of my dogs into a small room, fed them nothing but liver for three days and never let them out, crossed with a sewage treatment plant.

It is the worst smell EVER. I can take a bad smell. My dad has CROHN'S DISEASE people. He doesn't have most of his COLON. But this smell. This smell was reekoriffic and a half.

Of course I was really afraid some one was going to come in and think that I had done that. Because that is the biggest concern when using the bathroom at work--that some one will think you are the nasty one.

Seriously. I was chewing gum and this smell RUINED MY GUM.

Whoever did that should go home, because they obviously just crapped out a rotting dead possum.

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