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Soul Sister

Well I definately got some Pamie love from you kids. Hope that those of you used to her classier brand of humor weren't too horrified.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Saw Oprah last night (the late night show). She had on married couples where the husband decided that he wanted to become a woman. That freaked my shit up. These women were having normal Ozzie and Harriet lives, couple of kids, house in the suburbs and one day hubby comes home with the news that he is about to become your wife. I have no problem with people who are transgendered. However, the women--who all seemed to stay married to these guys/gals--have got to me the most understanding women on the planet. Because I am sorry to say that would not be my reaction. If Mr. Anyabeth were ever to tell me this I would say, "Honey I still love you, I will take you clothes shopping and teach you to wear high heels but we are getting a divorce."

Seriously. Marriage vows are sacred. But I think there are limits to that. If you married Tom I am not sure that carries over to Tami. But more power to them--more proof that most people are better people than me.

Was rocking out in the car on the way home. Had on Christina Aguilera's Diiiirty. Its a guilty pleasure and I cannot help jamming out like there is no tomorrow. All of the sudden I had two semis on either side of me who are blasting there horns and waving at me. I always knew I belonged on Soul Train.

I just found a red hair in my macaroni and cheese. I have blond hair and my husband has black. Kind of freaked out about how it could have got there. But I just picked it out and ate the rest anyway. Is that fucked up?

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