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J forgot his dad's birthday this weekend. Of course I know in the in-law game I will be blamed for this. But it really isn't my fault because J thought his dad's birthday was a totally different day. He thinks he should get credit for getting the month right. I am not so sure. At any rate, I have told him repeatedly to get the dates of all the birthdays correct and give them to me and I will take care of it. Because I know it hurts his little man-brain to have to remember more than two dates. And I want those two dates to be my birthday and our anniversary. Believe me, he wants to remember those too.

My birthday is this coming weekend. MLH has had my present out in our living room for a week. He has told all my friends what it is. I think I hate him sometimes. What people don't understand is this is his favorite part. He likes for me to whine and beg for hints and shake the packages and try to find out. He would be unhappy if I didn't. We are only really happy when we are bothering each other. This makes me feel like we will be married forever.

I will be old this birthday. And before I get a collective eye roll twenty-five is old in certain ways. I mean, Willard Scott won't be announcing my birthday or anything, but some doors are closing and others opening and I am not sure that I like how its going.

1. No one thinks twenty-five is too young to have a baby, and since we have been married for more than two years I expect to be tortured at every opportunity.

2. My dad set twenty-five as the cut-off date for him buying me Happy Meals. This is especially ugly because he wouldn't buy them for me when I was a little kid either. And now I am too old.

3. I am going to start having wrinkles and acne at the same time.

4. The woman at the Clinique counter told me that I DEFINITELY needed to use an eye cream.

5. High school boys never try to pick me up at Burger King anymore.

6. I get a discount on my insurance (ok this is a good one but its the only one).

7. Cashiers look at me strange when I buy Boone's farm.

8. My doctor harasses me endlessly about my yearly exam, because I am TOO OLD to miss it. (yes I had it)

9. I don't think my Grandpa is going to let me win at Candyland anymore. I am currently 1987-0 and I don't want to let that record go.

10. MLH is going to mock me for being an old lady until his birthday, which is still four months away.

I am sure there is more but its only 6:30, how articulate to you want me to be?

Great baseball yesterday for those of you who care. Yankees lost two in a row to the Mariners in very close games, once of them an amazing pitcher's duel. And Rafael Furcal had an unassisted triple play against St. Louis last night. Good stuff.

Had a strange dream last night. I actually have this one a lot. I was still in college but kept forgetting to go to one class and had an assigment that was weeks overdue. In the back ground my mother kept calling me because her hair was growing in different colors. She could handle pink but green was freaking her out. And my dad was singing at a bar I went to on Thursday nights. This was ok except he also played the accordian with a little monkey.

The worst part was my hair was really long in the dream and I was working this cute style. But I couldn't re-create it when I woke up because its too short in reality.

No wonder I don't feel rested.

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