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When Jehova's Witnesses Don't Shut Their Bathroom Blinds

I think the Pamie traffic is winding down. Oh well, it was nice feeling like a superstar while it lasted.

Update on the strange dreams. Not nearly as strange last night, but I did have the same hair style. I am now officially craving that supercute new cut. I will never make it there though. I will want something else in a week. Nice attention span.

The neighbors were definitely having kinky sex last night. I found this out for sure because I was treated to a shot of the gentleman walking around naked in his bathroom while I was making my dinner. Note to kinky neighbors--please shut your bathroom blinds! However, it is an excellent diet aid because I was completely unable to eat my dinner at all.

Woke up still angry with my dad. He called me this morning (he knows I am up really early) and already pissed me off. He knows that patronizing me this way will only push my buttons, which makes me think he is doing it on purpose. This does not make me feel better. All of this anger is not helping my PMS acne situation. Starting to resemble a nerdy teenage boy. Shockingly, this does not help my mood either.

Guy on the bus decided that his lunch cooler needed a seat more than another passenger. This really worked my nerves. Its 5:15 in the morning, its a half hour bus ride, and its a commuter bus. People who bring large packages should be fully prepared to hold them on the bus. They should not give me attitude when I ask them to kindly put their damn cooler on the floor because I am wearing three inch heels and shouldn't have to stand half an hour because you eat a freakishly large lunch. Seriously, he did the head nod and rolled his eyes. I told him he was welcome to stand or he could make room for me. Seriously. If you need to take an entire grocery store for your lunch than you should be strong enough to hold it on your lap for a bus ride. If you can't do that--bring less food. Its that simple. That also goes for any of these people who decide to bring suitcases on the bus. Be prepared to stand with that thing in the aisle because these buses get full and you are not entitled to two seats.

Fucking people.

So the Unabomber wants his stuff back. Specifically papers, a bomb, matches, a hatchet. Does this seem disturbing to anyone but me? Not that he is petitioning for this stuff for himself in jail. He is asking that they be sent to the University of Michigan to put in an archive. I am sure that there is a lot to learn from the Unabomber but I am not sure I want to learn it. And I am seriously doubting a Unabomber 101 course.

In other news, Ben Afflek was caught wearing a "tiny thong" that was considered "feminine" by the hotel maid that found him wearing it. What is amazing to me is that this is considered a blow to his image--more so than Gigli, his stupid and annoying "romance" with JLo, his addiction issues and his mini-morph into Puff Daddy. Thong underwear is what is doing in his career?


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