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Shriner's Swarm the Greater Everett Area

There is a Shriner's convention going on near my house.

Actually, I shouldn't have to make any jokes here you should just insert them on your own. I can tell you it was a relief to see that little "Welcome Shriners" sign at McDonalds. It provided a much needed explanation of the men on little motor scooters in red outfits I had been seeing all around town. The way they kept waving at me I was starting to wonder if I should just hit them with my car. I guess I am glad that I didn't do that. Little Shriner brains stuck in the grill of my car might have been hard to explain.

To be honest I don't know what Shriners do. My grandfather was a Mason and to be honest I don't really get what they do either. It could honestly be a devil worshipping organization for old men who wear gold rim glasses for all I know. But I think their main function must be eating pie, because man, that is all my grandfather wants to do. I know my mom was a member of their daughter organization the Rainbows. When I was a kid I thought that meant that girls would strip naked and paint rainbows on themselves and dance naked. Somehow, I no longer think that is it. Too bad. More interesting at least.

Its my twenty-fifth birthday today. Did I mention that? MLH bought me a lovely paintset. And for the first time ever he was able to keep it a secret. Even though he told basically everyone I knew. BASTARD. He was actually kind of peeved that I didn't really bother him about the present. He likes it when I practically give him the Chinese water torture to try to get it out of him, but I was really restrained this time.

We have come up with a compromise solution to our whole Jehovah's Kegger problem. He and I are going to go to the casino first and he is going to get my drunk. Then we will go to the party and give it half an hour. If I am having a miserable time than we will go home. We are also breaking neighborhood tradition by having a little co-ed, no child section. We will give it a shot at any rate.

Spent some of my birthday money already. Bought some knockoffs of Seven jeans that are actually pretty cute. Was seriously tempted by different knockoffs called 7 Seven at Express. I know my pal Monica will want to look at those too. Really, can you have enough pairs of cute jeans? Mainly, I just want my ass to look cute. That is my birthday goal. Good think I never claimed to be anything but shallow.

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