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Little Green Men

Birthday was not as boring as I was expecting.

We went to the casino. I had never gambled before and MLH and I decided that is pitiful that you can reach the age of twenty-five without learning to gamble. We started slow and I played about a bajillion different slot machines. They are so shiny and colorful he should have know I was in trouble. I got up to 75 dollars more than I started with and then lost it all. That's ok because I only started with twenty bucks and had planned on losing it.

Actually, the best part was the people watching. I had planned on getting all tarted up and cute (it is my birthday) but just didn't feel like it by the time we got going. So I went in jeans and a t-shirt. Man, I was GLAMOROUS compared to some of those people. It was very Bon Jovi New Jersey up there. Blue eye shadow, teased bangs--I think its possible there were even Jordache jeans. And lots of old ladies. Scary old ladies who would knock you over for a machine and smoke two and three cigarettes at once.

I ran up my winnings at a machine called Little Green Men with two guys from Montana. They gave me all sorts of advice and cheered me on. One asked me if I wanted to go out to his truck and suck him off. I declined politely. Motherfuckers. Seriously.

I switched to Copper Dropper and lost it all. Everyone in the place was crazy for that game and the Texas Tea game. But I didn't do well with either one. And if the Montana Morons hadn't chased me off maybe I would have won something. Oh well.

J did well at Black Jack. He doubled the money he started with. So he more than covered my losses. It was fun for a couple hours entertainment. I don't really understand how seriously some people take it.

We did end up going to the party next door. Everyone was smashed before we got there. We set up camp across the street and managed to steal everyone fun from the other side. It was ok.

I did do too many shots of everclear. I hate that shit and shouldn't be doing it. So I came home before I made myself sick.

All is well in in our camp today. We have dinner with my parents so I have got to get us all cleaned up before then. Better go way up the husband make sure he survived his night of debauchery too.

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