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It's Finally Thursday

So glad today is over. Actually it was actually a pretty fun day but today is Thursday and Thursday is my Friday. So when your asses are at work tomorrow? Mine will be planted in bed. Unless you don't work either. In which case, let's all wake up at 10am and yell "SUCKERS" in unison. And go back to sleep. Because it's Friday.

Had lunch with my mother today. Some good ass paella. I looked up the spelling of that word and it took me forever to figure it out. And it still looks wrong. Anyways. Very good lunch but upsetting conversation for us both. My mom and I are pretty good friends but we usually skip topics that are upsetting because we have way too much fun talking about other stuff. But today we covered my father, religion, homosexuality and a whole other range of stuff that was too much for us.

Garbage men are apparently boycotting our house. It was supposed to be picked up Wednesday and it wasn't. Even though all of our neighbor's trash was picked up. MLH called the company and there was no problem with our bill or the status of our account. They assured us that some one would be by to pick it up last night. It's still here.

This sent J into a RAGE yesterday. I am still trying to work up some outrage. Not working so far.

Ok still haven't heard from Uncle Chris for my new template. I am not pimping his site again today but if you want Anyabeth to be happy you will email him at chris@delselva.com, tell him you want a new design on this diary.

Got hit on by a lesbian today. I have a habit of doing that. In fact, I could write a book called How to Get Hit on by Lesbians (imagine the google hits I will get from that). I have been hit on by women in bars, on the bus, in the lingerie department of a department store and today, while buying a soda from a machine. She was really sweet about it. She told me she liked my hair and I could do hers just like it when we got up tomorrow. Apparently crappy lines are not exclusive to heterosexuals.

On my drive home this evening the song "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls came on the radio. I LOVE THIS SONG. It came out when I was in seventh grade and I loved it then. I will love it forever. So I started jamming out, car dancing and singing aloud really loudly. Of course I forgot that my car is not a soundproof booth and these two men in the truck next to me were treated to me scream/singing "I don't want anyone else, when I think about you I touch myself, oh I don't want anybody else oh no oh no" with moaning. Gee, I can't imagine why lesbians hit on me.

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