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Bloody Wednesday

I gave blood yesterday at my work’s company blood drive. I try to do it every three or four months and it really is more convenient at work. Because I am entirely too lazy to drive the two miles to the blood bank to donate but am not as bad that I won’t walk down two flights of stairs.

But I sure as fuck am taking the elevator back up.

Now I respect that people have all kinds of reasons not to donate. Just as there are all sorts of reasons to donate. I donate because my father has had literally dozens of blood transfusions in his life due to Crohn’s and neither he nor my mother can donate. And my sister objects because her cult (ok religion) doesn’t allow it. However, please respect my reasons for donating and not comment on it (just like you don’t want me to all peer pressure you into doing it). Examples of things not to say, “You do THAT? But it’s SOOOO gross!” “EEWWWWWW” “Don’t you think that is kind of morbid?”

These are actual comments I got yesterday. And for the record, I think it’s way more morbid that you would rather have some one else die because there are not enough blood products than do something as “gross” as giving blood. That could just be me though.

I scared the crap out of the poor tech that did my screening though. Now this screening cracks me up because I do nothing but think of inappropriate answers to their questions: “Have you ever had sex with a man that has had sex with a man since 1979?” “No, it was 1976,” or “Um, can I call my husband real quick?” and “Have you ever had sex in exchange for drugs or money?” “What other reason is there?” or “Are you a cop?”

I did manage to restrain myself and give the right answers so she moved on to blood pressure. Now I did warn her that my blood pressure is low. It’s not a sign of poor health that is just normal for me and it runs in my family. I always tell blood techs and nurses this and they never listen to me at all. I once got a nurse at my doctor’s office that was on her first day. She took my reading, assumed that she did it all wrong and had the mother of all freak-outs in that office. She threw her file folder, she cried, she glared at me, she screamed obscenities. She even told me that she had never even wanted to be a nurse before the doctor came in and assured her that this happened every time I came it.

This tech yesterday did not freak out but she could not take my blood pressure. Because she could hear my pulse. She could feel it so she thoughtfully assured me that I wasn’t dead (thanks, I was so worried for a moment) but she just couldn’t hear it. When she did finally find it she told me that she had worked with corpses with higher blood pressure. Um thanks.

Moral of the story, just listen to the girl who tells you she has low blood pressure.

Oh and Buster told me that I am the worst puppy mama in the world last night. This is not a news flash. He is just peeved that I wouldn’t let his puppy girlfriend, Zeda, come in the house last night. She just followed him home. Brazen little hussy. I wouldn’t mind but the last time Zeda came over with Buster she knocked over a pot, spilled a drink on the coffee table and almost got into a Yo-Mama fight with Darla. She is just a puppy, but a big one, and doesn’t quite have control over her tail and big body enough not to disrupt every thing. So I shut the door on her little nose and told her to go home. And Buster mooned on the couch for an hour looking out the window, “But I LUUUUUUURV her.” I have got Romeo and Juliet playing out on my front porch.

I am not loving the new black and white template that I am using right now. I thought the sunsetty one was a little hard to read but this one is even more boring. I keep trying to convince Uncle Chris to create a new template for me. Now that I have pimped his site a bit maybe he will finally deliver. Otherwise I will continue to linger in boring-looking-site hell. Uncle Chris, you don’t want that!!!

I just noticed that I have been eating way too much Easy Mac. Where was this invention when I was six years old? Back when all I would eat was mac and cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, cereal and Popsicles. As an adult you would think I would be more worldly and eating all kinds of exciting things. I just love me some Easy Mac though. Even for breakfast.

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