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Flo and Stumpy

It's been a nice weekend. Relaxing.

Went and looked at all the fall things at Banana Republic. Maybe it's a good thing MLH doesn't have a job because I could have seriously spent $700 this morning. So many cute things for this fall. The movie Chicago made 20's apparel hot again and I am loving it.

Except that whole paying for it part. That blows.

Cut the husband's hair today. Just trimmed the back and sides. It was like shaving a dog. Seriously. He doesn't have hair he has fur. So thick. My hair is really thick too so we cannot have kids. Their head's will fall off from the weight of that hair before they are a year old.

I didn't do a bad job though. Not a good job but a passable one.

He has that interview this week. Originally, he told me he had no shot at this job. But now that he has described it more to me it sounds perfect for him. He is different than so many tech people because he is personable and can help people without making them feel stupid. Plus, they are hiring 80 people. At any rate, if he takes this job it will so great for us and so bad at the same time. The money is very good and certainly better than what he makes now. But it's a lot of time apart. And a lot of time for me to be on my own. Maybe that will be good for me though.

Really don't feel like going back to work tomorrow. Feels like the last weekend of the summer and I want it to stretch on forever. We do get a four day weekend next week though. J doesn't have class on Saturday or Monday and since I don't have work on Friday we will have a good time. At least part of that will be moving Travis out of the house but still.

We went to Weinerschitzel for lunch this afternoon. Because we are that kind of high class couple. Man, if you ever want to feel better about yourself go to Weinerschnitzel. We saw this woman with a beehive, blue eyeshadow and pleated jeans that looked an awful lot like that waitress Flo from whatever TV show that was. The one that said "Kiss my grits!" all the time? Except the gal we saw had this lump in the back her pants that I decided must be the stump from when she had her tail removed.

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