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Coffee Table Dancing

Less than a week until Travis moves out of my house!

I will miss him though. Seriously. I feel bad about being so crabby about him but I am ready for him to leave. However, he really has been a good friend to us and HE IS MOVING OUT!!!

Got an email back from my sister. Almost a month after I sent that semi-mean one to her. I basically called bullshit on her past behavior and how she treats my parents. She actually had a reasonable response to it, which should make me think that she has grown up. But it really makes me think that she is ready to bomb my house. Which makes me sad because at one point I worshipped my sister. I thought she was so fun and interesting and now she has become like a cartoon villain to me. Not sure what to make of her email.

Was dancing way to wildly for 5am this morning to the Violent Femmes. I love them. I had truly forgotten how much. Many good memories attached to those songs. “Blister in the Sun” and “36-24-36” were our two favorite songs to coffee table dance to in college. The only thing that compared to those at all was the “Pricilla Queen of Desert Mix” of “I Will Survive.” Put those songs in and we would ruin your coffee table like nobody’s business. See, I went to a women’s college and it happened to be in a little bitty town. And then boys/men in this town would let us run amok and trash their houses as much as we liked. Though in all honesty, if you were an 18-25 year old man living in a town of 5000 people and there was a women’s college in your town where would you hang out? So a couple of us got into this habit of getting guys to throw us parties, in exchange for as much liquor as we liked and trashing their house we would bring 10-20 girls. This made them look like studs to all their buddies and we had the best time. My friend TT and I started the tradition of making every girl at the party (including those from town unless they were too boring for words) dance on the coffee table. We must have had up to ten girls on top of some of these. The guys would just stand around and watch open-mouthed and stunned. Once we were out at some one’s house that had glass panels in the center of his, but he assured us that he didn’t mind if we were on it and insisted that we carry on our tradition. I think TT and I had way too much home made strawberry wine that night (the bottle still had the balloon on the top so you know this was classy stuff) and we both ended up putting a foot through that table. I should feel guilty for that but I really don’t. Anyway, even now, when I hear “Blister in the Sun” I feel like jumping on the coffee table and slugging back an entire bottle of crappy wine. I actually think the husband would enjoy that. He might even get up there with me, something that not a single one of those guys ever thought to do. Which is why none of them got much action at these parties. Totally unoriginal.

They should really put “coffee table dancing” on the activities list for that college. They list traditions (without revealing any of them) but that doesn’t cover it. But if they described most of went on at that school (naked freeze tag, serenades on the highway and kissing each other in order to get as much lipstick on the other person as possible) parents would never send their girls there.

But man, does that town think that school is freaky.

Anyone reading this probably does too huh?

Oh well. What else? This week is pretty light. Which is a good thing because I have two softball games that run until 11. That is incredibly late for some one who gets up at 4am. Should probably get to work since I will be a zombie tomorrow.

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