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I am the shopping champion of the world! Went and bought Travis' new clothes today. My budget was sixty bucks, and I blew it by nine dollars but it was worth it because I got him a pair of good jeans and two shirts. All designer. He even liked the stuff and it all fit. Seriously, I should get paid for this shit. Because he is way more likely to get laid in those clothes than he is in the child molester chic in his before picture.

I just read US magazine cover to cover. Love that rag. I mean, it is awful, gossipy and shallow. LOVE IT. I now know all the latest on Britney and Jared, Trista and Ryan's wedding and about a bunch of people I actually have never even heard of. That is what I love about US, get all the dirt on really minor celebrities.

My husband is having all his buddies to play Mario Golf tonight. SIGH. Much beer will be comsumed, curses will be exchanged and several losers will spend the night in various areas of my house. If I find one in the bathtub in the morning than I know that they had way too much fun. Actually I don't mind. I like his friends. And they will keep him out of my hair while I watch shitty TV, girlie movies and fill my wish list at Banana.

Tried on that cute-ass textured wool suit that is in all of Banana's ads right now. LOVE IT. Want it in a way that is very unhealthy. Unfortunately, they wanted me to pay for it which was a bit of an issue.

Oh and Buster took a crap on my camel boots! Little fucker. That doesn't come off. Forever if will have the essence of Buster crap imprinted on it. Between Buster and the husband I really do suffer to much for one woman.

Better go lay in my bed, read trashy magazines and drink liquor. Ok, maybe my life isn't so bad.

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