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Blue Carrots! In My CEREAL!

Having rage issues this morning. Getting ready to move Travis today. Of course, they break it to me that Travis' new roommate, Moose, is not coming to help. Oh and neither is our pal Keith. So basically it's Travis, Jeremy and my fifty-five year old father moving all this shit. Because my mother can't lift anything more than five pounds (she has a bad back) and I have to take her away from the house to prevent her from trying. I am so pissed I want to strangle Travis with my bare hands but then there would be one less person to clear his fucking shit out of my house.

Asswipe! Wanker! Fuckstick! What kind of person doesn't arrange for more help than that? Seriously, my dad isn't supposed to carry all this crap. Not the really heavy shit like that gigantic TV and crap that Travis has. And what kind of prick is Moose to decide that he doesn't need to help his new roomie move. As usual. J and I are the ones expected to take care of his sorry ass.

After today I am not doing a damn thing for him again. He has gone too far. He knows my dad. He knows that he would rather put himself in traction than admit that he shouldn't be doing this stuff. But they don't get enough help here so that he can not do it with dignity. Fuckers.

And yes I am including my husband in that. Because he knew about this and didn't tell me. Because I would have told my dad not to come and carried shit myself. My pops has no business doing this and J knows it. Fucking cocksucker.

Look at me all swearing up a storm on the Sabbath. I didn't learn a damn thing in Sunday school as a child did I?

My back is killing me from painting yesterday. Learned a valuable lesson. Painting bookcases and desks requires a lot of bending and twisiting and you will hurt a lot the next morning.

Maybe that isn't that valuable.

Eating Apple Jacks isn't helping matters. I love Apple Jacks. But the fucking company now puts BLUE CARROTS in my cereal. For no reason. It doesn't change the taste (thank God) all it does is make my breakfast look fucked up. Oh and piss me the fuck off.

Which isn't taking much today anyway.

Fuckstick wanker lickers.

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