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Nastiassasaurous Rex

I have such a bone to pick with Travis. I had seen evidence that he was the nastiest, grossest person on the planet. He cleaned the toilet with Windex, he puts dishes that are still dirty in the cupboard. But yesterday, after I finished painting, I discovered something really grisly--in the almost two years that he lived with us he NEVER vacuumed that room. There were dust bunnies the size of my pug in there. There more lint on that floor than in our lint trap in the dryer. If that floor had a dinosaur for a mascot it would be Nastiassisaurous Rex.

Now I know this doesn't put him on the level of those people who have garbage piled so high that their houses are condemned. Or those loons that have so many cats that they can't clean all the liter boxes so there is cat shit all over the place.

But in my world not vacuuming your bedroom for TWO YEARS is pretty damn gross. It filled my vacuum. The entire vacuum.

This is the thing. This is J and I's first house. We bought it brand new. We spent all the money we had, gave up basically all the fun we were ever going to have to buy this house. And it was worth it. So what kind of shit-sucking asswipe do you have to be to move in a trash it? He didn't scrub his bathtub ever either. I had to do it. Because it got a black ring around it. He told me that since he only showered that the dirt just washed down the drain. He scuffed the hell out of the paint. Now I know that when you buy a house like ours they use cheap paint and only one coat of it but still. His room had nothing but scuffs marks every six inches. I guess if I stumbled around in my room drunk and banged my bald head on the walls all the time our walls would be scuffed too. Maybe if you had some hair it would cause so much friction baldy.

But this fucker. Trashed my house. Treated me like shit. Was rude, surly, obnoxious, and drunk all the time. Owes us almost three thousand dollars.

But he is out now!

My room is gorgeous. The world is gorgeous. Even my crazy boss and lunatic co-workers are gorgeous today. Because Travis is out of my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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