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An Angel in Black?

Ya’ll I just don’t even know what to say.

It’s a sad day for the world. And if it isn’t for you then you need to run out and get yourself a Johnny Cash album because you have obviously missed something very special.

My grandfather loved Johnny Cash and I have many happy memories of us riding in his pickup singing “Boy Named Sue.”

We would play that record over and over in his house while we played cards. And when my grandmother wasn’t home we would shout the whole “MY NAME IS SUE, HOW DO YOU DO? NOW YOU’RE GONNA DIE” part.

My grandfather loves western style shirts and my grandmother won’t buy them for him. And since he is an old German man is incapable of purchasing his own clothes. My mom and I went on a search for a western shirt size XLT. This is a tall order in Seattle but we found one. It was all black, which I thought would look smashing with his salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. Grandpa said he liked the shirt but wasn’t sure about the color. I told him that it would make him look like Johnny Cash. He barely takes it off now.

Johnny we’ll miss you. We were lucky to have had you. You and June have fun in Heaven.

You badass you.

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