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These Kids Will Run the Country One Day, I'm Moving to Brazil

Am I a bad person because I giggled with glee when I heard that Ben dumped Jennifer? Am I the only person on the planet tired of this arrogant bitch?

Maybe. But my ass laughed and laughed yesterday and I am still laughing today.

Yes. I will be driving the bus to hell, shall I save you a seat?

Did nothing yesterday. Didn't go to Keith and Tiffany's for football. Because Keith is a dumbass. He forgot to tell Tiffany he had invited us. Actually, my theory is that not only did he forget to tell her but she had either made other plans or he had promised to spend the day with her. Possibly in a way that didn't involve drinking beer with Jeremy and cursing Fox's coverage of the NFL.

So we stayed home and watched football. Discovered that me being a goodluck charm does not work if they don't show the game. So FOX. You are to blame for the 49'ers losing yesterday. Hope you can live with yourselves pig fuckers. I had to deal with a mopey husband all afternoon.

I gave J a massage because he has been limping around for a couple of weeks now. I don't like to work on him. It's weird. Mainly because he talks too much. And about unrelated topics. And tries to tell me what to do. UM. Shut it. I don't care. And would you like to do this yourself? I am incapable of taking a whole lot of bullshit from my husband and he feels entirely too free to give me a big load of crap when he is on my table. I did get an agreement I could have my way for the rest of the day in exchange. Which is a sweet deal. I didn't make him bow and scrape or anything. Too much.

My mom called last night to give me her yearly bitch fest about her new classes. She teaches high school in a town about 60 miles south of where I live. I went to school in that district (at the rival high school--actually Monica went to the one she teaches at) so while it's not the best district in the world it is not the inner city slums. People in that district own nice homes and live near the waterfront.

But apparently they don't teach their kids math. Because my mom has ten kids in one of her classes that cannot multiply or divide one digit numbers. They are fifteen years old. One little girl cried when my mom told her she can't graduate without being able to do that because you cannot use a calculator on our state's minimum competancy exam.

She needs a calculator do multiply 2x2. What the FUCK?

That is second grade work. How the hell did she pass second grade let alone eighth? And how do her parents not know that she can't do this because I can already tell they will be "STUNNED" to hear this because their daughter is "very bright." All of these parents say the same shit. But honestly, how bright can your daughter be (and how would you know anyway) if she cannot do the math homework of a second grader?

Jesus H. Christ.

My mom does an amazing thing teaching those kids. She has never killed any of them.


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