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Dr. Phil, Mr. James and a Grilled Cheese

Man I got a google hit for Degrassi Junior High (actually two of them) last night. I would hate to have kids under eighteen reading my stuff. I swear too much and talk about nudity in college. These are not pre-adult topics.

Actually, I got the funniest google hit last week--books with porn in them. I was the number one return on that. UM. I'm not selling any porn so just turn your pervy ass on back to google my friend.

Pretty much climbed into bed when I got home last night. I didn't go to sleep. I just watched TV and J waited on me hand and foot. My husband rocks. Watched Dr. Phil. I LOVE Dr. Phil. He had couples on last night who were "trying to repair their marriages." This couple was on that fought every day, she didn't allow him to have an ATM card, he came home from work two and three hours late each night, they fought in front of their kids, they basically hated each other. The best part was Dr. Phil lecturing this woman about how if she knows the guy is going to be late every day that isn't a trust issue (because it's predictable) that she just doesn't like it. So the woman is all pissed off because she thought Dr. Phil was just going to say "you are right Ma'm, your husband is a scumbag" and the husband is all sitting there smug and grinning. Like, "See baby? I told you that there Dr. Phil was gonna say let the man have his way." Until Dr. Phil TURNED around and was all "Don't worry, I'll get to you in a minute."

I like how no one is 100% right with him. Because the truth is, nobody ever is.

And he was explaining how every person is their own "life manager" and as hokey and new-agey as it sounds, that made a lot of sense to me. If you keep making choices that make you miserable than you are a shitty life manager. And you can't blame that on anyone but yourself.


So that was my evening. Dr. Phil and a grilled cheese sandwich in bed.

J starts working nights tonight. I am not thrilled about this. But I suppose I will get over it. They screwed with him at the base yesterday because the car is registered in my name and our names are different so he had to prove he was married to me. He was outraged by this. Honestly, not that big of a deal. He just can't work with authority and rigid rules. So I hope he finds something else soon.

I drove in to work today. And I was sitting in the car reading the marquee about one of the theatres in town. This guy pulls up next to me and totally thinks that I am staring at him and waves. And then follows me to my parking lot. I try to explain what happened but he follows me to my office building anyway saying, "At least give me your number."

Then I realize that this man used to teach at my junior high school. I say to him, "Mr. James?" And he wigs out. Because I think he started to recognize me too. Especially since he sits on the union board with my mother.

I don't think he wants my number anymore.

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