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I sat next to a woman on the bus today. Her eye was swollen shut and she was holding a towel of ice cubes to her nose.

She was on the bus trying to get to her mother's house. Her face was stern and she obviously was struggling not to cry.

She was in her pajamas.

She wouldn't take the twenty dollars I had in my pocket. She refused my offer to ride in a cab with her to her mother's and pay for it. She wouldn't even let me buy her a cup of coffee.

And she thanked me for my help.

I remember, not that many years ago, when that was me. Except I was lucky enough that I called my daddy and he came and got me. And never suggested that I go back.

I was lucky enough to realize that sometimes you need help from some one else. Hiding your problems doesn't solve them. There is no shame in needing some one.

I wanted to give her my daddy's phone number, maybe she would take his help.

I hope she got to her mother's house alright.

All I could do was walk to my office and cry for about half an hour. I'm really glad no one else is here yet.

I don't pray very often. But I am praying for Tanya today. I hope you will too.

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