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Aspirin is Worried About This New Competitor

Went to see "Phantom of the Opera" with my mother. Still love it. And Mama? She almost wet her pants when the chandelier starts popping in the beginning. She had never seen it.

Went shopping at the grand re-opening of one of my company's stores. Gorgeous. There is no other world. I want to live in that store. It has great lighting, expensive clothing, cosmetics as far as the eye can see and cute salesmen to fetch me new shoes. When can I move in?

J was crabby when I got home this afternoon. I guess my dad went all senile on us and forgot my mom and I would be out all day. So he called the husband at 11:30 this morning looking for us. When J had just got to bed at 8. UM. Thanks Daddio because you woke him up for the DAY.

When I got home he had a headache.

Can I tell you about headaches? When I was in massage school I started getting these migraines that lasted weeks on end. MIGRAINES. I could barely move but I was still working and going to school for hours and hours at a time (I later found out I was allergic to my cat which was prolonging the migraines). One of my instructors was giving me all these tips so I could sleep (I can't take migraine meds it makes me feel anxious and cracked out). She suggested heating pads, ice, pressure points--all the usual stuff. And then she leaned down to me and told me, "really Anyabeth, the best thing you could do for yourself is have sex. Tell that boyfriend of yours to fuck you silly."

I told J this that very night and he was eager to follow her suggestion. Only problem? When you have a migraine not only do you not feel like having sex but you are very worried about puking on your lover. Attractive.

Eventually we tried it and I have to admit it does help (orgasms increase circulation and relax msucles, etc). So now whenever I have a headache he immediately turns to me and says, "you know what's good for headaches?"

So he had a headache when I got home. And he said "you know what's good for headaches? BLOWJOBS! Because I am not doing anything."

I must be a bad wife because that really didn't sound like that much fun to me. I mad him take a nap with me instead. Maybe I will let him sex me up later.

That headache shit only works for me.

He should know the rules by now.

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