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BR, BO and One Eyed Anya

I hate Banana Fucking Republic. After my spending spree a week ago J and I were promised a 10% refund if I completed a customer service survey. 10% off? I will do just about anything for 10% off. So I do my little survey. And went back for my refund.

The girl had explained it wrong. We get 10% off our next purchase. Fuck that missy. I want my $37.80. She offered to get the manager but I declined. Because I have the customer service number. And I am calling that fucker tonight.

Lying rat fucking BR employees.

Sat around and watched football yesterday. The husband was impressed because I remembered a rule from last week about how if a receiver steps out of bounds then he can't be the first player on his team to touch the ball--unless he was forced out of bounds illegally. Heh. That is the trick to watching sports with men. Learn one complicated rule and then they think that you know what you are talking about.

Totally worked on my neighbor. He watched with us for a while and I said something along those lines and he looked at J and said, "your wife is so cool, mine just tells me to shut that crap off."

I might say that too if my husband was fat and bald and boring. But since mine is young and hot I learn weird rules to impress him. And get called cool in the process.

Buster stepped on my eye last night. It's red and my vision is blurry. It almost swelled shut last night. I thought about wearing an eyepatch but International Talk Like a Pirate Day was FRIDAY. Fucking dog couldn't even fuck up my eye on the right day. So I look a little bloodshot and drug-addicted. But really, my dog stepped on my eye.

Christ, it happened to me and I am not even buying that story.

Sat next to this woman on the bus. WHO REEKED. She smelled like cabbage, BO, bad breath and was having gastrointestinal difficulties. She smelled like she had crapped her pants, ate it, then belched afterwards.

Plus the bus was hot. And I am sitting next to a smelly, gassy woman who is sweating a whole lot.

Came to work and threw up.

Kid yourself and pretend these events are unrelated.

Wonder if I called the customer service line for my bus if they would give me a free fare.

They didn't have to sit next to Reekola the Smelly Wondergirl after all.

Facist bastards.

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