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Cheating Louses and Fancy Ladies

Anyone else see Tami from the Real World California (the second season, anyone under eighteen would have been like in preschool--she was the one that got drug around on a blanket in her underwear) on Oprah? She was on a show about adultery. She had married some NBA player who had then cheated on her.

Damn it's a fucked up world when Tami can't even keep her man.

Actually that was a fucked up show. Men are a bunch of serious cocksuckers. Ok maybe not all of them. But enough to fill a studio of angry scorned women. One guy admitted that he would have sex with his girlfriend and then go home and have sex with his wife. Another said, "it was fun as a man at first, but then it got to be a chore to please two women."

UM. MY FUCKING GOD. How dare you act like it is their fault that you are a selfish bastard?

Jesus. Another said he didn't realize that it was so wrong until he got caught. Whatever. Unless you have been living in a cave on Mars (in which case how the hell are you on Oprah) you know how American women feel about adultery.

Yet another said that he felt it was unfair that his wife was still holding it against him. Ten weeks later. Prick. Ten weeks is too long for (several) affairs? What's the statute of limitations on being a bigamist? Year and a half?

Can you tell this irritated me?

But I realized something very important. I would never be able to forgive J if he cheated. No matter what the reason. It's not that I wouldn't love him or would hate him forever or something like that. It's that right now I would send him into a room of naked Playboy bunnies coated in chocolate syrup and not flinch. I may not like it, but I could do it. If he cheated I would never be able to trust him again. And I wouldn't want to live like that.

On another note, a neighbor of mine was flabbergasted that I ALLOWED (I love it when other wives think that I should forbid my husband to do something) my husband to have his own email.

It's called trust. You should get some, it's helpful.

Why the hell do I want to be reading his email? Talk about boring.

This woman also told me that she searches her husband's pockets at night, calls and checks up on him and doesn't "let" him go out with his friends more than two hours at a time.

Is he a five year old?

I bet this woman is a joy to live with. First of all, what husband is interesting enough to warrant this? Second, who wants him home all the time? Third, get a life crazy bitch.

If you don't trust him, don't be married to him. You will both be happier.


Ok, really a lighter note. My poor boss had to bring her son to work yesterday (child care backed out). He is three and so ADORABLE. She was worried that he was too loud but honestly he was quieter than the rest of us and really very good for a three year old. Plus, I head him tell his daddy that he liked "being at work with Mommy 'cause I like all the fancy ladies."

HEE! I love the idea that I am a fancy lady.

OH! And it smelled by Monica's desk yesterday. She swears it wasn't her (and sure enough when she walked away from it the smell didn't follow) but this was bad. Like rotting fish mixed with vomit and sprinkled with rat shit bad.

I hope Monica doesn't have a body stored in her filing cabinet. Some one is bound to check out the smell someday.

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