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Big ASS and Other Pieces of Meat

I am getting a crazy amount of google hits from "Everwood" and "Everwood Amy Bitch."

Stick with us Amy haters. We hate that spoiled little brat too.

Gorgeous day yesterday. Mom and I attempted to go to the antique mall in Snohomish yesterday. But there was this big ass car show which apparently attracted every man with a mullet within a hundred miles. Instead of our favorite quiet street filled with stores with old and worthless shit in them (and the pie shop at the end) we were greated by NASCAR fans drinking Budweiser.

Speaking of NASCAR, did you know that is the new hot political demographic? Seriously, about five years ago it was "soccer moms" but now it's "NASCAR dads." Anyone besides me not want the next President elected by men with mullets who married their cousin? Ok that is a stereotype. Not all NASCAR fans are like that, some of them are unclebob's mother.

That does not make me feel better.

So after we escaped from hillbilly central, my mom and I went to the costume store and went to open houses of homes we cannot afford. A good day all in all. We decided that if we win the lottery we want a house on the river because those have mountain, valley and water views which is not a combo you see every day. Also, we want a greenhouse because neither of us can grow anything but we feel like that might change when we become rich.

Then we met the boys at Outback for big ass pieces of meat (man, I am going to get a gross google hit from that). So good. Didn't want to move ever again. J and I went home and made shadow puppets using the dogs' tails and ears.

OH! And J told me that I have a BIG ASS (this is a quote) this weekend!!!!!!! He "thought" he was complimenting me. Little tip, dumbass. Don't tell your wife she has a big ass. Even if you belong to the Big Ass Porn Mag of the Month Club (is there something like that out there because what a great birthday gift for Travis!). Just don't. Ever.

Jesus, I cannot believe that I have to tell him this.

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