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Sad News

Horrible news today.

My grandmother fell in her yard. She was literally that woman in the commerical that fell and couldn't get up. My grandfather can't use one of his arms at all so it was an ordeal to get her off the ground. She is black and blue and managed to injure herself that I didn't know was possible. She some how tore the walls between her gastrointestinal tract and her reproductive organs. Anyone with a uterus undoubtedly understands why you don't want that emptying into your reproductive system. Actually I would think people without uteruses could also--it's really not that hard.

The good news is they will find her a surgeon today. The bad news is she has to have the surgery. She is in her eighties. Surgery is never a good thing for a woman in her eighties with low blood pressure and heart issues.

I don't think that they will be living on their own much longer.

Yes. My grandparents are that old. My parents did have kids until they were thirty. In fact my grandparents are almost twenty years older than J's great-grandmother. My parents are way older than his grandparents and only a few years younger than his great-grandmother. To put this in perspective, my family is old and his is freakishly young.

I'm thinking of her tonight.

And eating corn.

These are unrelated. I am pretty sure.

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