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Did you see MY BOYS last night?!?!?!?

Did you hear me, because I was screaming my brains out? And my grandpa was crying ya'll. A man who didn't cry at his brother's funeral was bawling last night.

And the husband and I decided if Kerry and Sarah Wood wanted to so some wife swapping we would do it.

Don't worry. We aren't waiting by the phone.

Could you believe it? Is this the best post-season ever? Because every game this weekend except that Yankee/Twins thing yesterday was a nail biter.

Speaking of which, how about

And I don't want to be at work. Still feel shitty for all my excitement. Almost threw up in the elevator on the way up here. Made it to the trash can in the lobby though. Just have to make it through the week.

Have to pay those bills somehow.