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Going Disney

Ok the fact that I am in the top fifteen for "my boobs bounce" and the top five for "Aaron Boone shirtless" on google makes me giggle like a school girl (oh damn that is another google hit right there).

The neighbor boys just caught me in my bathrobe again. They do that a lot. They come over and I have just got out of the shower or just haven't gotten dressed yet. I am hoping that this is not on purpose. How young to perverts start these days and am I too old for them to be interested in peeping on? I need some feedback here he's twelve and I am twenty-five. Do I have a baby perv growing in my neighborhood?

My husband wants to clean the carpets today (something he was supposed to do the week before we left and then yesterday) and watch football. I want to watch Camp Jim and eat cereal. Oh and then go to the mall and take back the book he bought for Keith that Keith already had. I think that shows great sacrafice on my part because I would have to get dressed.

My parents are going to Disneyland this week. My mom loves Disneyland more than anyone--including every six year old you have ever met combined. The only thing she loves more than Disneyland is Disneyworld. My father comes in a distant third. Fourth is her PT Cruiser. I may be fifth but my poor sister is lucky to be in the top ten.

I have been to Disneyworld eight times and Disneyland twice. And when you consider that all of these trips happened between the ages of ten and twenty you understand my family's addiction. In fact, my mother is pissed because she couldn't teach an extra class this year. She had been planning to use that money to take all of us to Disneyworld next fall. I believe that she called the teacher that took that extra class a useless motherfucker.

So if any of you are going to be in Disneyland next week. Watch out for my mom. She will be the little blond with the bright blond hair dragging a six foot man onto Dumbo the flying elephant. At least the only little blond over five feet doing that.

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