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I Should Be Published

I made the best cd last night. It has Barry White, Morphine, Tina Turner and the Ramones on it. I think I may be schizophrenic. But I am a schizophrenic who has at least on personality that can seriously rock out.

Husband and I had this talk last night about how once you get used to what time we get up (4 am) that it isnít so bad. Cruel irony. You bitch. Guess who could barely drag their sorry asses out of bed this morning. Well yes, Buster and Darla. But also J and I. We blame TV. I stayed up to watch One Tree Hill, which by the way was so NOT WORTH IT. He stayed up even later than me for Nip Tuck. We need a TiVo. Itís not even a want now. Itís a NEED.

Funny how things become a need so quickly when you have two incomes. Which by the way I love J having a job. It means that I can buy bras that fit and cute corduroys and indulge at the Kiehlís counter. I had forgotten how wonderful the Kiehlís counter could be. In fact I want to dedicate this to Jís paycheck:

I Love Our Second Income, a poem by Anyabeth

Second income, second income

You make my heart sing

If I were J-Lo

I would call you bling bling

Darling Jís paycheck

You put food in my fridge

Especially ice cream

The food that keeps me from leaping off a bridge

Second income, second income

Even though you do not bring in as much as Jessica Biel

I will love you forever

Because I can go shop at Kiehlís

Man. I bet I get to be the poet laureate of Washington for that sucker. Oh yes I do.

If I werenít married to J I would marry his paycheck. Ok, maybe not. That paycheck may pay for dinner but it sure never cooked it for me.

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