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It's Gotta Be the Hair

It's been an odd weekend.

Friday ended up being the kind of fall day we have in Seattle that I always hope won't be shown on television. Because it was sunny and beautiful and warm enough that a t-shirt and light jacket are plenty. Whenever they show that shit via a Husky or Seahawk's game about nine million more Californians decide to move up here.

You know what we don't need? More people from California. Actually more people from anywhere.

Drove around with my windows down and heat on. Entertained people on the freeway by singing and dancing to "Let's Get it On" and "Laid." Yes, the men of the greater Seattle area love me.

I have discovered another thing about my new haircut. Women in their forties may want it but that may possibly be because men in their thirties want the gal who has it. Seriously. Have been followed around a lot recently. This man in a large truck saw me singing "You're My First, My Last, My Everything" and decided that I meant him. And shouted that he wanted my number as I passed him.

Took two pairs of boots to the shoe repair place. Best 18 dollars spent in a while. Because both pairs are now wearable and comfortable and all for less than it would cost to buy one new pair.

Of course the show repair man wants to buy me a coffee. Because he is in his thirties and this haircut is apparently irresistable to men of that age group.

No thanks.

No really.

No it's nothing personal.

Just married.

Well I know it's just coffee.

No it's not because you work at a shoe repair shop.

No look. I do have a wedding room.

So maybe next time I will have to go to another shoe shop. But so WORTH IT.

Jdad decided to show up Friday night. He called at 6:30 to say he would be there at 11:00. Not to ask. To tell. And would not take no for an answer. GREAT. We went to the casino and I lost fifty dollars at the slot machines. And got told that I had nice breasts by a man with a mullet who bought me a drink. But J won fifty dollars so we broke even for the night. Actually came out ahead as I got a free drink.

Jdad showed up as promised. HATE THAT. Hate people who invite themselves. Who are rude like that. Who smell up my house because they smoke several packs of cigarettes a day and ooze nicotine and smoke out of every pore. I could seriously smell the smoke from his clothes through the vents in my house.

Since he was over all day yesterday I hate to leave. Which does not endear him to me. I had a headache and wanted to stay in bed. Instead I hid out at the library and went and looked at houses in neighborhoods I cannot afford. Which made me feel oddly better.

After he left and we had dosed the whole house in Febreeze, we went and watched the Yankees lose to the Marlins at our neighbors' house. I should have enjoyed that more. J barely wimpered. I mean he did wail in dismay a little bit but mostly he has taken it like a man. Feel free to email me any taunts you have for him--I will forward them on.

We stayed at their house for a while getting drunk and playing pool. Then they came over to play Tetris and Uno Attack (yea I know, we are wild). I didn't realize how drunk they both were until Uno Attack. The gal could barely hold her cards she was so drunk.

It's ok though. I just like to win.

Today we are watching football and I am napping. Because I feel like hammered ass.

What a terrible way to end the weekend.

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