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Chicken Shit

I was such a hermit yesterday. Got up, took a shower and put on different pajamas.

That was the most ambitious thing I did all day. Watched football from my husband's futon in his game room while Buster tried to fish his chewflip out from under my ass. But man, I was too tired and fluey to even roll over so he could get it. Poor little guy. I do feel bad now.

My plan for the week is to get through it without hurting anyone. I know. Seems like it might be too much to ask but we will try.

Sat next to a smelly man on the bus. Can't figure that one out. He looked like a regular businessman, nice suit, leather briefcase, good topcoat. But he smelled like feet. Feet that had been rubbed on a smelly ass. Is there a polite way to breath through your mouth? Because I was trying not to be obvious that I was only breathing that way to avoid smelling him. I don't know though, the way I gagged every time he moved at all closer might have clued him in. Seriously, if you are going to wear a nice suit--take a shower. At least once a week. Trust me stinky.

One of the gals I work with has walking pneumonia. And she is here. Does that tell you everything you need to know about my job? How paranoid we are all about missing time? How messed up our priorities are? How inadequate our sick leave is?

Which means I will get it. Because I have the immune system of a gnat. Damn.

We are having our semi-annual reviews this week. As always I am terribly nervous. It doesn't matter that I know my boss knows that I am doing a good job. Or that most people in my department do nothing. And that those people still get good reviews. Am nervous.

Read in a magazine that women are less likely to ask for a promotion as men and that is one factor as to why they are less likely to get promoted. So I am going to ask. It was promised to me at my last review and I have exceeded the goals that we set during that review.

Except that I am a chicken shit. And do not like confrontation. Not with my boss. And will not like that uncomfortable moment. But I think I need to do it. If only so she can turn me down and I can just KNOW that I am not getting what they promised me.

We'll see.

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