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Power Outages, High School and the Sacred Heart

I am horrified. That damn Apple Jacks with Blue Carrots entry has brought a child here. Unless there are adults at the Sacred Heart school in California that want to search google for Blue Carrots. Seriously, with all the swearing wouldn't my site get filtered out?

Last night we had a big wind storm. It knocked out the power in some places, caused the mother of all traffic jams and just was a pain in the ass (sorry Sacred Heart). I had the surreal experience driving home of their being street lights, then no street lights for a couple of blocks and then street lights again. It's like mini-Yugoslavia during the communist regime.

Because I was starving and we have electric appliances I decided to go to McDonalds for dinner. Of course everyone in the free world decided to do the same thing. Even you, yes I know you don't live here but you were at the fucking McDonalds last night. At any rate I waited in a very long line at the drive through, paid for my meal and then was told to park and wait. Ok. Never did I hear "Sorry for the wait" or "thank you for waiting" or "thanks for your cooperation." NOTHING. SO I wait. I have to wave and wave at the gal because the freak at the window wrote my car down as a Honda Civic. I drive an SUV. Yea I don't know either. She has my food but not my drink. And looks pissed off because I want her to go get my drink. When she brings it back I say "thank you" and she says "you're welcome."

This pissed me off. See, I am a customer. You don't say "you're welcome" to me. You say thank you. Even if I say "thank you" you still say "thank you" right back. This is a basic service thing. Oh and copping me attitude because the gal at the window is stupid makes you even dumber than her.

I am never rude to service people though. Because I think that it is reall difficult to do those kinds of jobs. And I know because the company I work for has a reputation for having the best customer service out there I have very high expectations. But still. Tell me "thank you" stupid little bitch.

Because I am an asshole I have the card of the manager of that store. And the district manager. In my defense they gave it to me a while back so I just have it I didn't ask for it. But it has their email addresses. And now they have an email about this.

Got home. My house was COLD because our power had been out for a couple of hours. Even though it was back on the heat had not caught up. Three blankets and sweats in bed and I just watched TV all night. Perfect excuse.


My boss Jimmy was in a weird mood yesterday. Wanted everyone to give him cds so he could copy them for his collection. This is fine. But Jimmy just wanted anything we had. And we all have some weird shit. Kept asking him for clues about what he was looking for and he kept repeating, "Anything. I am hip." Seriously. That is what he said. Gave him my compilations and then had J make him a cd of covers of sixties and seventies classics by bands like Pearl Jam, U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It totally seemed like he was worried about being out of touch with what "kids are listening to." I have got news for you Jimmy, you are fifteen years older than a lot of us, it is probably ok if you listen to different things. Just saying.

He just seems worried about looking or seeming old lately. His wife is about to have their third baby and maybe that is why. It's hard to feel like a young guy when you have three kids. Dunno.

But it made us all a little goofy.


Ever noticed how everyone on TV marries their high school sweet heart? Or pines for them in some way like they were their one true love? Do people actually do that?

The one guy I dated who was in high school (as opposed to out of school or in college) wore t-shirts with holes in them and ate with his finers and wiped his hands on his pants. He does sound an awful lot like my husband when I describe him that way. But he was also an ass and the only reason I dated him was because he drove an old mustang and had washboard abs. These are valid reasons when you are sixteen, not so much when getting married. He used to call me babe (I think it is possible he did not know my real name) and always wanted to go to the drive-in so we could have sex during the movie. How romantic.

If I was married to him I would have killed myself by now. Honestly.

I mean I know people do it. Monica did. But she was smart enough to date some one like Mr. Monica instead of Mr. Washboard Abs.

God, I don't even know anyone from high school anymore. It's like they all fell off the planet a week or so after we graduated.

The only one I saw at all was Patrick. The gayest man ever. In high school he liked to bleach his clothes every night so he could look like a "virgin sacrifice." When he came out to me a few years later I told him I already knew. He couldn't figure out how.

My favorite memory of Patick is when my friend Tarah was here and we stayed up all night drinking vodka martinis. We watched "Meet Joe Black" in slow motion through any Brad Pitt nude scenes. We sang Diana Roos songs. We awarded the duck (long story for another time but I won). He ended up staying the night and slept between us in my bed. He woke both of us up at 2am by pushing as hard as he could and screaming, "BITCHES! MOVE OVER!!!"

I miss him.

The rest of them, not so much.

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