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Worry Warts

It's really cold in my house. So Buster, Darla and I are huddled up in J's gameroom. We are downloading music and reading "In Cold Blood" while shivering.

J is nerd-overloading since he got every damn comic book ever in the mail today. He may never come out of there and given the squeal he made when he opened the package I am not sure that I much care.

I first read "In Cold Blood" is a fiction/non-fiction hybrid by Truman Capote about a brutal murder of a family in the 50's. I first read it when I was in eighth grade, causing my parents, my history teacher and undoubtedly my grandmother's prayer circle much concern. I had a real passion for crime books then, and still do sometimes. What they didn't get is that I first read this book (and I haven't read it for more than ten years for some reason) because this murder is the reason my grandparents lock their back door now.

See this family was killed in their own home in a little tiny town in Kansas. My grandparents live in a little tiny town in Iowa. I think that four people being tied up and shot in the face scared them into locking their door because it could have been anyone.

What blows me away is that these kids killed this whole family for about fifty bucks.

Morbid book. But excellent.

Thirteen years old reading about one of the most brutal murders ever in Kansas. Can't imagine why they were worried.

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