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My Day Needs a Fast Forward Button

It's fucking cold here.

Except what I like about Seattle is that it doesn't really get cold. But for October it is fucking cold. Very glad that I don't have a rug-rat to take Trick or Treating tomorrow night.

My dad used to drink whiskey from a flask when he took us (we lived in Iowa, it was usually snowing). I now finally understand why.

At the time I just thought he was being a lush.

A couple of days ago I had to go buy new foundation. Any man who has ever read this just abandoned me. This might even be worse than when I whine about PMS.

Anyway, I hate buying makeup. I am pale. Pale and ruddy. I once had a make up artist comment (in a fucking snotty and valley-girlesque voice), "we don't carry anything as pale as you."

Fuck off fake-tan Barbie.

At any rate I go downstairs to the MAC counter. Since they have vampire-like shades I know they will have something that will work. I get the quietest, most serious and totally without a sense of humor gay man to ever walk the planet. In fact, he may not be allowed to call himself gay. I know he had Prada shoes on but the man couldn't handle a joke at all.

Picked my shade. He told me the name of the color. I joked that it "was otherwise known as the lightest color in the rainbow." NOTHING. Not even a smile. I know that shit isn't that funny but I am a customer. At least crack a smile Mr. I Take Myself Too Seriously.

He was very disappointed that I wouldn't buy a foundation brush.

Very disappointed.

At one point I thought he wasn't going to sell to me at all. Pretentious little bitch.

J is going to be working like a crazy man for the next few weeks. He is switching to a project on Sunday that has him working seven straight days. Then he switches back to his normal schedule. And works five more. Twelve days in a row.

Ya'll I bitch if I have to work five in a row.

How am I going to get laid if they do nothing but work my husband to death? Jesus, you would think that would be a priority with some one out there.

Big plans for tomorrow.

1. Sleep in.

2. Huddle under comforter until dogs beg to be let outside or get too hungry.

3. Eat frozen waffles.

4. Wash towels.

5. Read trashy magazines.

6. Watch Camp Jim.

7. Return library books. Check out something really awful.

8. Get back in bed.

9. Get up ten minutes before J comes home, fold towels as to appear to have worked during the day.

10. Download more music.

I think I enjoy my Fridays too much.

Oh well. Have to get through today first. Damn it.

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