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Keep on Staring, I Can Use the Hits

I am thrilled to announce that I am in the top ten on google for the phrase "staring at my boobies." Welcome perverts!

Interesting Halloween. Went to Keith and Tiffany's to eat pizza and play a blood-thirsty game of Uno Attack (I know, we are WILD). Was pretty fun. I forget how mean those two get with one another. I got my ass kicked, but I deserved it karmacically because I screwed basically everyone at the table at some point during the game. As in stuck them with a bunch of cards sicko.

At one point the machine made this noise that sound like a kitten choking on a bagel covered in metal spikes. We decided it was posessed.

Keith and J tried to convince Tiffany and I to roll on the kitchen floor naked. We respectfully declined.

Thanks though guys.

When we got home our neighbors were just heading to the casino. We went along.

I played Wheel of Fortune and LOST. But didn't care because that shit was fun. J lost too so I guess it just wasn't our night. We spent the rest of the night people watching all the freaks. There was a guy dressed as the devil that I am fairly sure actually is the devil. He was kicking some serious ass at the craps table. Which brings up the question, if you are the devil can you make a deal with yourself?

I really like our neighbors. We don't have many couple friends. Mainly because most of our friends act like we are so strange because we got married. And the rest can't get girlfriends because they are pathetic. These guys are about our age, married and are close by. Excellent.

Too bad they are "active" people. They want us to go skiing and hiking and shit. Man. We just don't do that kind of stuff. I mean I could see going hiking or something once. But not all the time.

That would require me getting in shape.


Today my parents are coming up. I don't know what we are going to do and I am not dressed yet so I guess I should take care of that.

It's fucking cold out.

I wonder if they want to sit at home and watch Camp Jim in front of the fireplace. Probably not.

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