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What Do I Do With My Extra Duct Tape?

Ya'll it is cold today. Seattle is notorious for it's mild weather, not many days over 70 in the summer, not many days below 45 in the winter. Well we had like 60 days in a row over 70 this summer so it's November 3. It's 30 fucking degrees.

Damn it all to hell.

The husband started his new schedule today. That blew chunks. I was so worried that he wouldn't get up (which shock of shocks he didn't) that I woke up to check. And had a hard time getting back to sleep. My dogs (or as I like to call them Evil and Miss Bitch) decided that last night was PLAY TIME. And ran around like maniacs all night. Fucking dogs.

I did enjoy having the TV on loud and gettng the bathroom to myself though. That part was pretty good.

And I LOVE my clean house. It smells so good. Like Pine Sol and Febreeze and dryer sheets. Not like dog. And there are no pee spots on my carpet. That is like Heaven. For those of you with evil little dogs who don't like to go out when it is cold I have found the answer. Better than OxyClean. Resolve Power Shot. That shit WORKS. Bless it. Bless it. Bless it.

Travis is famous ya'll. I got two google hits for Asswipe Travis last night. HEH. Should I tell him?

Well the best part about J going to work so early today was that I wasn't worried about his car. Then it hit me. For the first time in my life I don't own or partly own a piece of shit car. We don't have a car that is in danger of losing a major part if you hit a speed bump at a speed greater than five miles an hour. We don't own a car that has ever been repaired using duct tape. Our cars don't smell like swamp. If we wanted to park valet somewhere we would not feel compelled to tip extra so the valets could get over their shame for driving the car for three minutes.

I think J might have his White Trash badge stripped from him for this. I mean it was bad enough when we bought a house. A new house. A house that we do not have a single spare tire in the yard of. And no cars on blocks. But to drive cars that have been made in the past three years? Oh dear.

Somewhere his mother is wondering where she went wrong.

Oh Jmom. When you let him marry a middle class girl.

We are a demanding lot.

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