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Saturday night is a weird not on the web I think. Because I get lots of referrals for child porn, revenge stories and how to deal with tantrums on my list every Sunday.

Shopping with my mother was interesting. Found almost the exact jacket she wanted. But, as predicted, it did not have black on it and was "too expensive" even though it was 50% off. The woman is semi-ridiculous.

And I had to physically remove a Christmas sweater with sequins on it from her. SEQUINS. What is next? Dancing penquins with a musical button? I shouldn't say that. Someone will make that fucking sweater next year.

But we did have a good day. And I appreciate my mother. Most women I know hate their mothers. Or fear them. At least they avoid them. But I have never been that way with my mom. We are now to the point that she is more my friend than anything. We may argue but it is usually about stupid little things, like what you would argue about with your friends.

She and I sat eating lunch yesterday. And I was eating french fries and I realized that most mothers would be nagging about how those are too fattening and would I just cut my hair already and when are we going to have kids. Maybe my mom thinks those things but she never says them.

And I do appreciate it.

I know she appreciates me too. Her relationship with my sister has always been so difficult and contentious that I think I am a relief. I don't know why Abby is the way that she is. I don't know why she thinks my parents are so awful. They are just parents. They love us. They want what is best for us. They just usually don't know what that is anymore.

At any rate, my father sent me an email this week to make ammends with my sister. I have probably mentioned this before. I don't know what to do. See, my sister hates me. She has told me this. She is jealous of me. Hates who I am. Has since we were little kids. She thinks my life is easy. I don't want to get in a pissing contest with her over who's life is harder. Who cares? I suspect mine is more difficult than she thinks it is. But I can see how it looks from her side. I have what she thinks she wants. And I know that she has a crush on my husband. Which is both irritating and amusing.

Oh. My sister has been engaged five times. Two of those times her fiance hit on me. Once she found him trying to force himself on me in a motel room. I was seventeen.

But you can imagine how it became my fault.

I think my sister would rather blame me than her own bad judgement. Or admit she could make a mistake.

I can't make her change. You can't make some one love you.

Anyway, I am off to fill my birth control prescription and pay my credit card bill.


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