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Apparently, the domain name ihatemyhusband.com is still available. Thinking about registering it.

See. He is whiney about things that I donít get to be whiney about. Things that we both have to do as voting adults. Somehow he gets to whine about them though. I donít. If I do I am a baby. Things like going to work every day. And making a lunch to take to work. And making sure that I have appropriate clothing clean for work. Every day.

These are things that adults do. And yes, they suck. No one said being an adult was fun. However, shut up.

We got up at the same time this morning. Actually, I got up on time and then had to crowbar him out of bed half an hour later. He got off work at 1:30. I am still here. Look at the time. Seriously. Gee honey, let me break a leg tripping over myself to feel sympathy. You just sit there and wait for me to do that.

His schedule got changed. Again. I am distressed. I want to make weekend plans. Actually I just want to make dinner plans. For tonight. But I canít because his schedule seems to change every ten minutes. I think part of it is them and part of it is him not paying attention. Because I know he does that shit. I know he is annoyed by all the changes. But I complained. So sue me. I love the guy, I did marry him after all, and I think I deserve to see his skinny ass once in a while. He said, ďYou are stressing me out.Ē

OH. Excuse me. I am so sorry Mr. Cry-Baby. I didnít realize that this was stressful. To talk to your wife. About dinner. I didnít know that you had finally completed your doctorate in being a pain in the ass. Donít worry I will address you as DOCTOR CRY-BABY from now on.

Arenít we an adorable couple? I cannot imagine why Tiffany and Co. has not adopted us as their spokescouple.


In other news, I was pissed off today. Oh wait. That is the same news. Also, true every damn day.


Wore what I thought was a cute new top today. Felt sassy. Felt cute. Everyone complimented it, but in that girl way that makes me feel like it wasnít cute. Killed my new top buzz. Bastards.


My sister takes an annual trip to Disneyworld each year for her birthday. She only lives a couple of hours a way. It is her big treat. She is not going this year. Because her cruise control isnít working.

I donít know what to add to that.


I have underwear issues. I only have two bras that fit since I got fitted and now know what the incorrect size feels like.

Unfortunately, these are not my cutest bras. Nor do I have all the colors I need.

But I donít really want to spend my fun money on new bras.

I am thinking about throwing in the towel and becoming my mother. Trying to find mine at the discount mall. But I fear this means I would also morph into her and buy high-waisted panties with lace edging. That are nylon. And creep up.

Well. I guess spending a ridiculous amount on underwear at the store is a small price to pay. I donít want to be my mother.

Believe me you donít want that either.

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