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I just accidentally downloaded porn.

I was supposed to get The Cure doing the Doors' "Hello" but instead I got cheerleader porn.

J thought it was pretty cool.

Me? Not so much.

Had fun with my mom today. Went down and gave her a massage. My dad babysat my dogs. Then she and I got pedicures and I took her jeans shopping.

My mom has lost sixty pounds in the last year and a half. But she still thinks she is fat.

I took her to the Gap. A store she swore she was too fat to shop at. She wears a size ten in their jeans. Every single cut looked adorable on her. She bought three pairs.

She had no right to enjoy buying jeans so much. She is a woman. Jeans shopping is supposed to be traumatic. You are supposed to become a stronger person by hanging onto a shread of your self esteem shopping. But no. EVERYTHING looked so cute on her.

Which means she has used all of the jeans karma for the family for a year. I will not be able to find a pair that fits until next November.

So if you see me this spring in saggy ass jeans just remember. It is all my mom's fault.

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