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I am staying home from work today.

I haven't done that in like a year.

I have gone to work with migraines, a particularly ugly Crohn's attack and flus of all shape and sizes. But I have been fighting off this cold for like a month. And I woke up with a fever. And coughed so hard that I threw up.

The husband ordered me to stay home. So here I am. Sorry Monica, I know you are SO LONELY. And I am about to have a heart attack thinking about all the things I really should be doing at work but am not because I am watching the E True Hollywood Story about Shannon Doherty and eating Corn Pops.

See, I am no longer allowed to make health decisions for myself.

Right before we moved into this house (which was three days after Christmas two years ago) I woke up very ill. I got dressed and then woke up my husband to ask him to drive me to the Park-n-Ride because I felt I was too dizzy to drive. He suggested that if I was too dizzy to drive I was also too dizzy to go to work. I said fine, but I was too awake to go back to bed. When he got up for work a couple of hours later her found me passed out naked in front of our sliding glass door.

He put me in bed and I had a few hair-raising hours of a viscious fever (which I denied was a fever because I was so COLD), projectile vomiting and fainting spell that had me banging my head on our entertainment unit.

When he called and found out that I had just crawled to the phone he called our HMO and got me sent to urgent care.

Many hours and many arguments with doctors later I was checked into the hospital. I had a 104 degree fever and a kidney infection that would eventually progress to the point that I barely had any kidney function at all.

It took me a week to eat solid foods again, poor J had to pack everything for our move, I lost fifteen pounds (leading people who didn't know I had been ill to beg me for my holiday diet) and I was totally worthless.

So now when the husband says I have to stay I have to do it. If he says that I have to go to the doctor I have to go.

He earned the priviledge.


Ok the husband just called. He has to work Thanksgiving. FUCK.

And he made a dentist appointment for me (I am afraid of the dentist and will not call for myself) for the middle of the afternoon, right before Thanksgiving. Even though I won't be able to use any systems at work after Thanksgiving so I shouldn't even be missing today let alone an afternoon next week. I have been babbling about this all week but he says he "didn't know."

Oh and I was mean. I better call and apologize.


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