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What to Wear?

Pizza rolls + down comforter + videotape of last night's Queer Eye = Happy Happy Anyabeth.

Much better now.

Except my calves. Which feel like angry beavers are chomping on them like trees being made into a damn.

Fuck. Now I am totally getting a google hit for "beavers chomping."

Fucking google.

Am having gift related crisises (crises?). My father's (otherwise known as most fucking impossible man on the planet to buy for) birthday is next week and we are celebrating Sunday. What am I getting him? UM. You tell me. Thinking a book or clothes or a movie or something. Tough one.

Also, we are going to a wedding reception. This couple is not registered anywhere. She was my best friend in high school. I haven't seen her that much since. The last time I saw them was our wedding. Three years ago. They live together. They don't need housewares and shit.

Crap. What to get them.

And also? Their reception. They got married in Hawaii. So they want us to dress in Hawaiian attire. What is that? For women? No, seriously. Some one tell me. Please. EMAIL ME AND TELL ME. No one seems to know. For J this is easy. Hawaiian shirt and a pair of slacks. For me? God only fucking knows.

So if any of ya'll have an idea. Please pass it my way. PLEASE.

I am proposing a world wide sanction on these vague dress codes. My sister's high school reunion this year was formal-casual. What is that!!?!?!?

So if you are having a holiday party or wedding or event coming up. Tell people what you want them to wear. Give examples. Offer suggestions. Don't make them suffer in clothes related purgatory.

Ok. More straight men to make over. I'm off!

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