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Damn Telecommunications Conglomerates

Well FUCK.

My husband is going to lose his year contract with horrifying telecommunications company. They were outed yesterday by the Wall Street journal for shipping all their IT stuff to India.

They are laying off their own employees first. Probably before Christmas. Fuckers. I mean I think it sucks that J could lose his contract soon. But its just a contract. Its not the end of the world. But if that was his full time job? Fuck. Before Christmas! What a bunch of assholes.

Of course we just bought a car. And were just getting our money under control. So we are now playing "find another job quick quick like a bunny." Which is not nearly as fun as you might imagine.

He has to find something before this one is over. Because of course this job doesn't qualify for unemployment benefits.


So if anyone knows anyone in the Seattle area looking for an IT guy. I know where you can get one real cheap.

I am going to go work twelve hours and then have a nervous breakdown.

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