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Snow Day

Oh how cold it is out there.

Last night I worked late (again! Jesus do I work in a sweatshop??) and got to the park-n-ride after seven. My car was frozen shut. Not in that must-be-melted-with-molten-lava-midwestern-way I remember from my childhood but in the weekass-Seattle way. But still. Had to scrape ice out of my door with a credit card. I didn't have gloves or a hat on (oh god, my grandmother is somewhere having a heart attack over that one). I don't even have an ice scraper in my car. So once I got into it I used a cd case to scrape my windshield. So prepared.

It got me thinking about winter when I was a kid. The ones before we moved here.

First, did anyone have those gloves? The weird ones that looked plain but when they got really cold an imagine appeared on the top of your hand. Mine were blue with hot pink snowflakes on them. And MOON BOOTS!! Please tell me some one else had those god awful things. Though I must say, I remember that my feet NEVER got wet in those fuckers.

Hee! And my mom had high heeled snowboots. At the time I thought they were so sophisticated. Now I know they were so ridiculous. You are walking in snow and ice, do you honestly care if your legs look longer? But I will be honest, if I lived in a cold climate I would probably be scowering the earth looking for a pair with pointy toes.

Mental illness must run in my family.

When I was a kid it would usually snow by Christmas, but in some fucked up destiny thing melt before Christmas and then snow again right after. Just so we wouldn't have a White Christmas. I am not sure why people want White Christmases but man were we always pissed when we didn't get one.

But it would ALWAYS be below zero tempratures before Thanksgiving. ALWAYS.

When we moved here we didn't wear our winter coats at all the first year. We were waiting for it to get cold. We also didn't wear shorts because we were waiting for summer.

Now we have adjusted. I feel cold when its thirty and forty degrees. But intellectually I know that it really isn't COLD yet.

And I can drive in the snow. And I laugh every time the schools close because there is AN INCH of snow. Seriously, the whole town shuts down.

But since I do live in Seattle now, I am going to do the truly Seattle thing on a snow day. Eat soup, sit by the fire and do nothing. ALL DAY.

Man, I love this city.

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