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Exciting News

I had a very long night last night. Had a headache when I went to sleep, woke up at 3:30 this morning with a migraine. I wanted to split my head open with an ax it was so bad. I had to move into the game room so I wouldn't wake J up.

I finally caved and took a vicodin.

My head is much happier but man did I feel fucked up for a while. Because I took one of J's which are the kind they give elephants. God bless him!

Just found out that J is sending me to Colorado to see my best friend in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited I could cry (which sounds bad but is actually good). I miss her so much, I haven't seen her since her wedding over a year ago and it is not like I got to see her because she was, you know, BUSY.

My husband is amazing. Seriously. I told him yesterday that I was thinking I needed to see her. I have been sad and confused lately and nothing straightens my shit up like seeing Tarah. And the next morning he gets up and lays out a bunch of money to send me to see her.

Every girl should have some one so wonderful.

See, Tarah and I met in college. We are about as different as you can be. She is incredibly nice (and normally I do not relate well to nice people) and actually perfect. And I am not. But we have been the closest of friends ever since. Even though we haven't lived in the same state for almost eight years. I miss her every day.

I am sitting her shaking I am so happy. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I have been thinking that I need a break, some way to relax and get my head together. And have some fun.


Ok I am off. To go shreak and run and be excited and probably fall over from the drugs!

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