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Weekend Suckage

My weekend blew.

And now it is over.

Went to that Hawaiian wedding reception on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who offered clothing suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not own coconut shells, grass skirts, sarongs or sundresses. Those were all excellent suggestions but I didn't want to mortgage my soul to Tommy Bahama for something I would never wear again. So I wore a peasant blouse and but a flower behind my ear.

It was a nice reception. Good food. Free Mai Tais. But we didn't know ANYONE there. And I still had a migraine. I was very impressed that I made it an hour and a half. Go me!

Took a vicodin when I got home. Passed out.

My mom cancelled my pop's birthday celebration for yesterday. He also had a migraine and she had vertigo.

Thank god for that because J was all fluey and I still had a migraine. We got up at 11, took a three hour nap and I went to bed at 7.

Migraine is pretty much gone now. But so is my fucking weekend.

I didn't even get dressed yesterday. Just changed jammies and washed my face at noon. That is just sad.

Watch part of the "Country Bears" movie. Christopher Walken is in that? What the hell was his agent thinking?

Am feeling extremely stressed today. Have this feeling like something is going to happen. Not sure what not sure when. It's not a good feeling.

I wish I could think of a way to give it to some one else.

And a stressful week coming up. It's our last week before we switch to the new system. Tension is high at work. My mom is pissed because J is missing Thanksgiving. Have the shopping extravaganza with my mother Friday. A wedding for a cousin on Saturday (and what am I wearing to that?). Does it never stop?

I remember when I was a kid I couldn't wait for Christmas so I could get presents. Now I can't wait so it will be over.

God bless us every one.

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