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Don't Pee in the Yard Daddy

The husband and Darla hatched an evil plot to steal some of my potluck contribution. Every time we have a potluck this is an issue. J gets seduced by me COOKING. Something that doesn't require a boiler pan or a microwave. He gets very excited and wants to eat it all. But I foiled his evil plot.

Or maybe he is just afraid of me.

Either way. We are cool in the potluck department today.

Except I think it may be too garlicy. See, I usually make it with scallions. But since you aren't supposed to use scallions right now, unless you want food poisoning and possible death, I just used extra garlic so they wouldn't be bland. I'm thinking I might have gone too far.

Oh well.

Drove into work today. Which I hate. Because I had to park a marillion miles away and carry my oh so heavy potato dish.

My arms feel all tired. I really need to work out.

Alice and I were laughing about rural people vs. city people. Even though I grew up in the city my grandparents live in rural America.

Their shower. Is in the basement.

This is not shocking to those of you who are either older or from states that end in A (Alabama, Louisiana, etc.). Their shower is just in the basement with no walls around it. This is because it was added during the fifties (when showers were a big deal) and that is where the easiest plumbing was accessible. Plus they didn't have to tear any tiling down like they would in the bathroom.

This was very common. Except most people added showers in their bathrooms during the seventies. This is still my grandparent's only shower.

It's no big deal though. Actually since they have a TV on the other side of the basement (that is the rec room) that gets WSGN, you can watch the Cubs game while you shower--a luxury usually only found in fine hotels.

I have learned that many people do not think this is normal.

Monica, for instance, stared at me when I told her this. But she is thinking like a city person. If a city person still had a shower like that you would think they had webcams everywhere and they were broadcasting your shower on some website called www.unsuspectingwomentakeashower.com

But rural people just don't do that kind of stuff.

Like my dad, when my dad was a kid they still had an outhouse. Which was very far from the house because of the smell in the summer. So in the winter he would have to but on snow boots to go to the bathroom in the night. If it was really cold he would just do it in the bushes right outside the house. This is why you have to watch rural people and make sure they are not crapping in your yard.

Of course the whole getting dressed to go to the bathroom thing always wins a tough childhood argument. 40 below and snow to your knees to go pee totally trumps only one Cabage Patch doll.


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