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Oh, in other news, I found out what I would be like if I ever had a child who got lost in the grocery store.

Went to let the dogs out (after shutting all of the doors upstairs so that they could not run back in and hide under a bed). Only Buster stood there. Because he is stubborn and only stared at me as I asked him over and over "where is your sister?" I ran through my house looking for her.

She had tucked herself in behind the door in the bathroom. In truth, she looked pissed when I found her--like I had dared to interupt her nap.

I was so relieved (I thought maybe J had let them out before he left and not let her back in) that I played dutiful mommy and carried her downstairs. She does love to be carried.

Damn dog.

Made Mama's heart jump up into her throat.

Dear God, I have already turned into my mother.

Could some one pass me a sedative? I feel a case of the vapors coming on.

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