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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.

In the spirit of the holiday, my clan gathered (all three of us as the husband had to work) and ate too much, watched "Two Towers" (the extended version) and fed our respective animals entirely too much turkey skin.

I have a long list of things to be thankful for, including the usual and more honorable things one could mention (a good marriage, nice home, steady job, loving family) but instead will list the following:

1. dental floss

2. dachshunds and pugs even when they snore and have gas from too much turkey

3. Mario Kart Double Dash

4. wine

5. Kiehl's lip balm

6. fireplaces

7. Johnny Cash's 16 Greatest Hits cd

8. sheep skin lined slippers

9. down duvets

10. ice cream

11. email abuse at work

12. the novels of Elinor Lipmann

13. my rowing machine

14. footrubs

15. hot showers

16. new shoes

17. my husband giving up pleated pants

18. triple-bladed razors

19. Christmas lights

20. and of course Diaryland

Have a good and safe holiday everyone.

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