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Crazy Grandma

J's crazy Grandma just called. It has gotten to the point where we do not answer the phone on Sunday's without carefully considering the caller id. This is to avoid his father. Who all to often is calling to tell us that he is in town and wants to stay with us. But this time it was his grandmother, Buelah.

I am stunned that this woman has the nerve to call my house. She has been banned from visitng, calling, writing, knowing our address and contact us in any fashion.

She earned this for all of you feeling sorry for an old lady.

J hates her. She was cruel to him growing up and has spent the subsequent years telling him that he is a bad person because he 1. votes Democrat 2. isn't a devout Christian 3. believes in the UN 4. doesn't bury water 5. owns his own home 6. any other crazy thing you can think of.

Let me put it this way. I FORCED him to invite her to our wedding. Where I was brought up, the normal world, you invite your grandmother's to events like weddings and christenings. You just do. You don't have to like them but you invite them to your wedding. Let them eat cake and be nice for a couple of hours. Even my crazy grandma can manage that.

I had never met her so I FORCED him to invite her.

He talked to his dad. His aunt. Everyone. Told them to reign her in, that if she got all crazy and started to ruin things that he would throw her out. They assured him that she could be pleasant.

She called me fat.

On my wedding day.

Let me be clear, I am not fat. I am not a skinny person. But I am not fat. And even if I weighed 900 pounds why on earth would you ever tell me about it on my wedding day? This is the day that you want to feel beautiful and special and this woman called me fat.

I thought my sister and my friend Tarah were going to throw her out a second story window. I had to physically restrain Tarah. She was stunned when she was told to leave the room (where I was getting ready) a room that she was neither invited into or welcome in the first place.

I didn't tell J until after the wedding what happened. He wanted to throw her out. But I didn't want a scene.

He told his father to never tell her our address or phone number. That he would never visit him in his home while he lived with her. That he would never speak to him again if he brought her to our house.

She wrote me a letter. She told me she was sorry if I had "misinterpreted her remark." Again, where I was raised you do not apologize by telling some one that they were wrong and you are somehow just misunderstood. And how I was supposed to misinterpret being called fat is beyond me. She then spent the rest of the letter telling me how I need to find Jesus.

Hi, don't talk about religion with me. You came to my wedding, a stranger, who talked your grandson into inviting you. You insulted me. Belittled me. And now I am supposed to talk about a very personal topic with you?

She calls now. Even though she isn't supposed to have the number. She says she doesn't understand why we don't return her calls.

I won't ever interfere with J and his family again. If he doesn't want to include some one that is his decision.

Besides. I don't want her in my house either.

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