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Gene Pool

Genetics is a creepy thing.

I was thinking about this whehn I found this old family picture from when I was a little kid.

My sister looks exactly like my mother. Prettier yes, but I think that is from cosmetics and a lot of confidence because they look the SAME. I look exactly like my dad in drag. Thirty years ago.

What is really odd about this is how alike my sister and my mom's personalities are--and how alike my dad and I are.

My sister would have a stroke if she heard me say that. But they really are the same. They are dramatic. They have huge mood swings. They get obsessive over things like hobbies, movies and favorite stores.

I thought about this a lot as I watched my mother pitch a fit in a department store last night because they had moved merchandise since she was there last. Two months ago. "We'll NEVER find ANYTHING!!!!"

I am like my dad. Which means that I am stubborn, sarcastic, a little judemental and cynical.

Why can't I think of anything good?

I wonder if these two situations are related? Like, I got my dad's pale blond hair--did that come with the sarcastic bit? Abby got my mother's ability to charm people--did that come with the crooked nose? Are eye color and selfishness linked? Are scientists even studying this shit?

I think about this a lot now. My family of four. We have a lot of problems. My sister lives far away. My father and I still fight a lot. No one has adjusted much to adding J to the mix. Family's are a difficult thing to understand.

But is this all genetic? Because I am looking at my extended family and seeing STRONG evidence that there is such a thing as a crazy gene. If so, I wonder if it is hooked to height? The shorties seem to be the craziest.

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