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Thinking of Doug and Linda

I had a fairly rough day yesterday.

I had a boss a couple of years ago. A boss that I was fairly close with. She was a dragon and very difficult. But she had a lot of passion for what she did and was incredibly good at it. Still is I guess. But she is also a very nice person who tried to mentor me and help me.

She is sixty-two years old. Her husband, the most mellow and darling man you can imagine, is seventy-seven. He is probably the healthiest man I have ever met. Eats great, works out every day. The doctors thought he would live forever.

The two of them are so adorable. So in love. So happy.

A week ago last Sunday he was skiing and fell and broke his neck.

He is paralyzed now from the neck down.

He cannot talk, he cannot eat, he cannot breathe on his own.

And because of his age and the severity of his injuries he is unlikely to ever again.

I cannot think of a worse fate for an active man like that than being trapped in his own body. He cannot talk to his wife, he cannot tell her he loves her. He cannot hug his grandchildren. He can't pet his dog. His dog doesn't recognize him.

I don't know even what to say about that.

I hope that he and his family will be alright. I hope that they will find some peace in what has happened to them.

And I will keep them both in my thoughts and heart.

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